Susan Carver Foundation

“Sure, we aren’t saving the world-but we truly believe that if you can make one person smile, you are making all the difference! It’s wonderful that everyday, even in just a small way, we get to bring smiles to so many faces!”

Lavender is the color that represents all cancers. We believe that all and any cancer is NOT okay! It was an easy decision to make our signature color lavender.

The Mission is Simple

The Susan Carver Foundation donates gifts of Susansnaps, gourmet gingersnap cookies, to bring smiles to patients undergoing cancer treatment during the holidays, along with raising funds for cancer research. Ginger is a natural stomach soother and a little gift is sure to bring a smile to those who need it the most!To create smiles and brighten the spirits of patients receiving cancer treatments, and to support cancer research, specifically focusing on the link between genetics and cancer.

“Because cancer is not okay…”

  • Create smiles by donating gifts of gourmet gingersnaps. Everyone loves a good cookie and ginger is a natural stomach soother!
  • Brighten spirits of cancer patients by sharing a story of hope
  • Raise funds for cancer research – specifically programs to discover the genetic and environmental determinants of cancer
  • Donate Now to The Susan Carver Foundation50% of the donations goes towards cancer research – genetic studies
  • 50% of donations goes towards cancer patient gifts.
  • For every $2.00, a gift of gingersnaps is given to cancer patients
  • The Susan Carver Foundation is a registered foundation, but at this time it is not a tax exempt 501c3 charity.
  • The Susan Carver Foundation is funded by direct donations, fund-raising events, and Susansnaps (a gourmet gingersnap cookie company).
  • 10% of all sales from Susansnaps goes to The Susan Carver Foundation.