Atlanta INtown Paper (2010)

by Wendy Binns

Companies that Care: Susansnaps
Learn about Susansnaps and you’ll understand that this company was created to fight cancer with a 1-2 punch. Number one, the gingersnaps are cheerful and soothing (ginger is known as a natural stomach soother). Secondly, they raise big bucks for The Susan Carver Foundation ‘… because cancer is NOT okay!’ With donations and 10 percent of all sales from Susansnaps, they fund the foundation for research and patient gifts.

Once upon a time, cancer hit Susan Robbins’ family hard. Susan and her father both underwent chemotherapy within the same year. And, Aunt Susan (the cookies’ namesake) passed away from cancer at only 28 years old. So, Susan and her mother, Laura, took action and created Susansnaps. “While my mom perfected her recipe, I worked on the logos and packaging … We both decided that we wanted a portion of our sales to go back to fighting cancer. We wanted to do something to give back and starting Susansnaps gives us a fun way to do just that,” explains Susan.

What’s in store? There are gingersnaps, which come in three flavors – original, cocoa and citrus. And, there are cakes, too – get the whole layer cake or by the slice. “We recently opened a fun bakery shop in Sandy Springs (229 Hildebrand Drive) where we bake and sell our ultimate gourmet gingersnaps and eight fabulous flavors of cakes,” says Susan. “As our company grows, we are able to donate more to a cause dear to our hearts.”

“We are really proud of how far we have come. From having one small idea to bake gingersnaps and raise a little bit of money to now baking thousands of snaps a day, starting our own foundation, and opening a bakery store, we can hardly believe it! We know we aren’t saving the world, but we truly believe that if you can make others smile, you are making all the difference! It’s wonderful that everyday, even in just a small way, we get to bring smiles to so many faces! It is so rewarding when we get letters and emails or people stop in our store to tell us how much they enjoyed receiving Susansnaps at their treatment or while in the hospital. What really touches us most is when cancer patients tell us they find our story inspiring and encouraging. We are happy to show the community that anything is possible….that even fun cookies can come from horrible cancer!”

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