The Osgood File (2010)

Charles Osgood, Reporting by Mark Strassmann, CBS News Correspondent


The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood. 

There’s a secret ingredient in Susansnaps – the gourmet ginger snaps Laura Stachler started baking at home seven years ago. 

Today, they bake and ship as many as 10,000 cookies a day. About the Stachlers, the cookies and the secret ingredient – after this…

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It was not a happy time for the Stachler family. Our CBS News colleague Mark Strassmann has the story.

Voice – Mark Strassmann, CBS News Correspondent
“Seven years ago, Laura’s husband Ken had cancer. Their daughter Susan – then, a college senior – was also diagnosed with cancer, the same cancer her Aunt Susan had died from years earlier.”

Voice – Susan Stachler
“And there I was, going home to do chemo and radiation. It was definitely not the easiest thing to take in…”

Voice – Mark Strassmann
“Susan and her father even went through cancer treatment together.”

Voice – Laura Stachler
“…’This is my husband – now, it’s my child’ — that was the only time, that was the only time I said: ‘It’s too much. I can’t do it…'”

Voice – Mark Strassmann
“Rather than feel helpless, Laura baked ginger snaps. Ginger’s known to soothe upset stomachs, often a side effect during chemotherapy.” 

Now, Susan herself makes special deliveries to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta – where she made her recovery.

Voice of Susan Stachler, at the hospital
“Treat to enjoy this afternoon…”

Voice – Mark Strassmann 
“And they bring comfort and hope.”

Voice of a Patient
“Thank you very much, very sweet…”

Voice of Dave Fronk, another patient
“The ability to come talk to them and share with them – to know that it’s going to be OK.”

Voice – Mark Strassmann
“Susan’s now 29 and cancer-free.”

Voice – Laura Stachler
“People don’t expect cancer to look like Susan – so that in itself reminds them that ‘If this young girl can do it, then I can, too…'”

Today, says Strassman…

Voice – Mark Strassmann
“Their ginger snaps are aptly called ‘Susansnaps’ – honoring one Susan’s recovery and another Susan’s memory.”

Voice – Susan Stachler, saying to her mother Laura…
“She’d be very proud of you – very, very proud of my mom.”

Voice – Mark Strassmann
“Proud of every Susansnaps’ secret ingredient: kindness.”

Clip Montage
“You can enjoy them… / Thank you so much… / Thinking about you…”

The Osgood File. Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.

The Osgood File. December 1st, 2010.