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By Suzanne Kayes

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A tearjerker calls for a cookie and a glass of milk. Make it a couple of cookies…and a tissue or two. Our story begins with Laura Stachler, a wife and mother with her own line of homemade cakes and sugary sweets called Laura’s Divine Desserts. A short time ago, it was simply about satisfying a sweet tooth. Today, she has a higher purpose- to honor her cancer-fighting family and soothe other ailing patients.

Within the course of a year, both Stachler’s husband of 29 years and their 22-year-old daughter Susan underwent chemotherapy. First, Ken began treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the spring of 2003. (With 29 distinct strains, this cancerous growth of white blood cells in the lymph nodes is far more common than cases of Hodgkin’s disease). His body responded well and things seemed to be looking up for the Atlanta family. Then, Susan, a senior at Auburn University, found a suspicious lump in her neck. A week before graduation, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s. Fifty years ago, according to the National Cancer Institute, this cancer has a high fatality rate. In fact, Susan’s aunt Sue, for whom she was named, succumbed to the disease at the tender age of 28. Two years ago, on the anniversary of her death, Susan started chemo.

Thankfully, a present-day diagnosis comes with a strong chance for a cure. Now 24, Susan, an adorable blonde, is in high spirits, busy baking with her mom in their own commercial kitchen two steps from their driveway. Together, the duo can prepare, package and ship 5,000 gingersnaps a day, she said. Having held her daughter’s hand through every hospital visit, Stachler decided to concentrate solely on her beloved gingersnaps, which she aptly named Susansnaps. For centuries, ginger’s been used to calm an upset stomach, ideal for nauseous chemo patients and even morning-sick moms. And with dreams of starting their own foundation one day, the Stachlers currently donate a portion of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

These sweet and soothing gingersnaps are the perfect blend of spices; ginger, cloves, and cinnamon mixed with dark molasses and topped with sugar crystals. To order, log onto www.susansnaps.com or call 404-497-9210.

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