Atlanta INtown Paper (2010)

by Wendy Binns

Companies that Care: Susansnaps
Learn about Susansnaps and you’ll understand that this company was created to fight cancer with a 1-2 punch. Number one, the gingersnaps are cheerful and soothing (ginger is known as a natural stomach soother). Secondly, they raise big bucks for The Susan Carver Foundation ‘… because cancer is NOT okay!’ With donations and 10 percent of all sales from Susansnaps, they fund the foundation for research and patient gifts.

Once upon a time, cancer hit Susan Robbins’ family hard. Susan and her father both underwent chemotherapy within the same year. And, Aunt Susan (the cookies’ namesake) passed away from cancer at only 28 years old. So, Susan and her mother, Laura, took action and created Susansnaps. “While my mom perfected her recipe, I worked on the logos and packaging … We both decided that we wanted a portion of our sales to go back to fighting cancer. We wanted to do something to give back and starting Susansnaps gives us a fun way to do just that,” explains Susan.

What’s in store? There are gingersnaps, which come in three flavors – original, cocoa and citrus. And, there are cakes, too – get the whole layer cake or by the slice. “We recently opened a fun bakery shop in Sandy Springs (229 Hildebrand Drive) where we bake and sell our ultimate gourmet gingersnaps and eight fabulous flavors of cakes,” says Susan. “As our company grows, we are able to donate more to a cause dear to our hearts.”

“We are really proud of how far we have come. From having one small idea to bake gingersnaps and raise a little bit of money to now baking thousands of snaps a day, starting our own foundation, and opening a bakery store, we can hardly believe it! We know we aren’t saving the world, but we truly believe that if you can make others smile, you are making all the difference! It’s wonderful that everyday, even in just a small way, we get to bring smiles to so many faces! It is so rewarding when we get letters and emails or people stop in our store to tell us how much they enjoyed receiving Susansnaps at their treatment or while in the hospital. What really touches us most is when cancer patients tell us they find our story inspiring and encouraging. We are happy to show the community that anything is possible….that even fun cookies can come from horrible cancer!”

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The Sunday Paper (2010)

By Hope S. Philbrick

Snap to It! Mother-Daughter Baking Team Settles into a Brick-and Mortar-Storefront
Susansnaps, a gourmet ginger snap cookie company, grew from a tummy-comforting snack into a mother-daughter business that recently opened its first retail location in Sandy Springs. Laura Stachler (who previously owned Laura’s Divine Desserts) first developed Susansnaps as snacks for her husband and daughter Susan Robbins, who were undergoing chemotherapy treatments within the same year. While Laura perfected the recipe, Susan designed logos and packaging. The ginger snaps became popular and took over Laura’s small baking company. They are named Susansnaps in memory of Laura’s sister Sue (who died from Hodgkin’s in 1977 at age 28) and in honor of her daughter Susan (who beat Hodgkin’s at age 22). For the past five years, the mother and daughter have worked out of a commercial kitchen and grown the business beyond their wildest dreams. Fans of Susansnaps include Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Chef Bobby Flay. The Sunday Paper asked the women to share more details.

Was a retail location always part of your business plan?

Laura: Actually not. We had a really nice online business, attended gift shows, had corporate clients. The customers really let us know they’d like a place where they could come to us to pick up products directly. Last spring, we started looking for a location.

Susan: It’s really nice to create more of a shopping experience. Rather than place orders or call, people can come in, look around and get a personal touch.

What are your products? What’s most popular?

Laura: On the ginger snap side, we offer the original Susansnaps, plus delicious citrus and cocoa snaps. We have seven different made-from-scratch layer cakes in a variety of flavors. We also have spiced nuts and treats. Everything is made in the shop by us.

We have a divine chocolate fudge cake. The recipe for our banana nut cake has been in the family for more than 60 years. Susan and I came up with a Susansnap spice cake with a fabulous lemon cream cheese frosting that’s surprised us in that it’s become our very biggest seller. It’s got five spices on the bottom and a fresh, tangy lemon zest on top. Even chocoholics are over the top about it.

How did you develop the original Susansnaps?

Laura: Oh gosh, we worked at that for a long time. The inspiration was that ginger is a natural stomach soother, and at that time, that was the purpose we wanted for it. Little did we know the little treat would be so huge. It’s got a little crunch on the outside, texture on the inside, and gets rave reviews.

Susan: Our first big order was for 30,000 cookies. We hand scooped all of them, which took a couple weeks. Now we do 8,000 a day. At the beginning, we never could have imagined growing this much. We never set out to be where we are.

You also founded the Susan Carver Foundation?

Susan: Yes, 10 percent of sales go to cancer research and patient gifts. We donate bags of cookies to cancer patients in local hospitals during the holidays. SP

Susansnaps is located at 229 Hilderbrand Dr., Sandy Springs.

Points North Magazine (2010)

By Anna Rhoades

Give a Snap, See a Smile

Mother-daughter team Laura Stachler and Susan Robbins have opened Susansnaps, a gourmet gift shop in Sandy Springs. Stachler began making ginger snap cookies in 2004 to soothe nausea, a side effect from chemotherapy, which both her daughter and husband were going through at the time for Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, respectively. Fortunately, Robbins and her father are now doing fine, and their tasty treats have become quite a hit. But they haven’t forgotten what they are all about – 10 percent of proceeds on all sales goes to The Susan Carver Foundation, in memory of Stachler’s sister who succumbed to Hodgkin’s at age 28.

Dunwoody Crier

By Carol Miemi

Family Travails Sparks Susansnaps

A Dunwoody mother and daughter recently turned family tragedy into triumph when they opened Susansnaps – a bakery and sweetshop they own and run together.

Walk through the door of their business, and you are in pure confection. From the hand-painted walls, floors and furniture to the aroma of gingersnaps that fills the air, the look and feel are of an old-fashioned 1940s sweet shop combined with the stylish flair of sophisticated upscale graphic design.

On the walls of the bright little shop are giant stripes and polka dots of red, white and black. The vintage look is enhanced by the round oilcloth floor covering in the center of the shop, painted in tiny multi-colored dots. Upon this mat rests a stack of round flea-market tables, painted in white and decorated to look like a giant three-tiered wedding cake. A shelf along one wall is adorned by a row of hatboxes, fancifully decorated to look like all the scrumptious cakes made by the ladies of Susansnaps.

Other tables and shelves display the thematic packaging in which the gingersnaps are available – maternity, babies, holidays, get-well and cancer therapy.

And here is where the story actually begins. Laura Carver Stachler and her daughter, Susan Robbins, had more than just a love of sweets in mind when they opened Susansnaps.

In 1977, Laura’s sister, Susan, died of Hodgkin’s disease at the age of 28. In 2003, Laura’s husband began treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And incredibly, a year later, Laura’s daughter, Susan, who was named for Laura’s sister, was herself diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease a week before her Auburn graduation.

Thus began for the Stachler family two and a half years of chemotherapy. As Laura sat in the treatment center with her husband and daughter and watched countless other cancer patients, she felt the need to do something.

She turned to what she knew best – baking. Since she knew ginger had been used for centuries to calm upset stomachs, she created “the ultimate gingersnap” – filled with old-fashioned spices and dark molasses, topped with sparking sugar crystals.

Both the Stachler patients recovered. And for five years, Laura and Susan made their cookies and fancy cakes in a commercial kitchen they built in an extra building on their property on Spalding Drive.

They built their customer base through word of mouth and their website.

Along the way, they named their business Susansnaps and developed the three types of gingersnaps that form their core business today – original, cocoa and citrus – as well as a variety of gourmet cakes. Everything they make is handmade, natural and fresh. Even their packing “popcorn” is organic and recyclable.

As business co-owners, they divide their responsibilities according to their abilities. While Laura works on the recipes, Susan develops all the graphics. Together, they both do all the shopping, baking, order-taking and packaging.

Susansnaps, however, is more than just a fancy little bakery. Laura and Susan donate 10 percent of their profits to the Susan Carver Foundation, named for Laura’s sister. The foundation sends half to the National Cancer Institute for genetic cancer research and uses the other half to provide gift packages to patients undergoing chemotherapy during the holidays.

The opening of the shop is the fulfillment of their dream to bring the happiness of their cookies to more people. Today they ship their colorful gift packages throughout the U.S. Customers can purchase by calling the shop at (404) 497-9210, emailing through the website or visiting at 229 Hilderbrand Drive in Sandy Springs. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday


Martha Stewart Living

Watching her husband and daughter undergo chemotherapy, Laura wanted to help. Through her passion for baking she developed the ultimate gingersnap. Laura named the cookies Susansnaps for her sister who lost her battle with cancer and her daughter who beat the disease, and donates a portion of every sale to cancer research.

Atlanta Business Radio interview

atlanta_business_radioSusan and Laura Stachler, of Susansnaps, were interviewed on Atlanta Business Radio.

Each Wednesday at 10:00 AM, from their studio in Sandy Springs, Lee Kantor and Amy Otto interview Atlanta, Georgia’s top businessmen and businesswomen to learn what makes them the best at what they do.

This week’s show was about coping with cancer. First up were Laura and Susan Stachler creators of Susan Snaps. Laura is the owner of Laura’s Divine Desserts and she created Susansnap ginger snap cookies as a way for her to help relieve the nausea her daughter (Susan) and her husband were experiencing when they were each going through chemotherapy. Ginger is a natural way to combat nausea. Their story is truly remarkable and their cookies are delicious. Their cookies and story have recently been profiled by Daryn Kagan, Paula Deen and Martha Stewart.

Also on the show was Susan Brown, certified Life Coach, who helps people recovering from cancer. She explained her philosophy in three words…recover, reclaim and rejoice.

The final guest on the show was Terry Lewinson, who runs the Patient Navigator program locally for the American Cancer Society. This amazing program helps patients navigate through the confusion a cancer diagnosis typically brings. A Patient Navigator works with doctors to identify patients who might benefit from this program they then go to the hospital’s oncology floor to proactively meet with patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Listen to the podcast of the show at

Susansnaps: A Good Thing

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

By Jennifer Bratt

Talk about a survival story.

with-martha-stewartLaura Stachler lost her sister, Sue, to cancer in 1977. A generation later, Laura sat with her husband and daughter, as both went through 28 rounds of chemotherapy. Read more

Atlanta Journal Constitution (2007)

by Jennifer Bratt

Laura (left) and Susan (right) with Martha Stewart

Susansnaps: A Good ThingTalk about a survival story.

Laura Stachler lost her sister, Sue, to cancer in 1977. A generation later, Laura sat with her husband and daughter, as both went through 28 rounds of chemotherapy. 

Ken Stachler began his chemo in the spring of 2003. A year later Ken and Laura’s daughter Susan began treatment for Hodgkin’s disease. There were days when father and daughter would sit side by side, receiving treatment.

A tireless supporter to her family, Laura came up with a sweet way to combat the enervating nausea that chemo produces: homemade gingersnaps, rolled in sugar crystals. (Ginger is a natural way to assuage nausea.)

It didn’t take long for word to spread of this special family business, Susansnaps – The sweet treats have garnered all sorts of ink, including a mention in Paula Deen’s Christmas magazine.

Last month, Laura and Susan were honored at the “Martha Stewart Living’s Dreamers Into Doers” gala. A 250-word essay that Susan penned told their story and earned the two a trip to the gala over the weekend of Oct. 22-24.

Laura Stachler was awarded a $1,000 gift from Stewart and $1,000 from Bank of America to put toward the business and a $250 Talbot’s gift card.

A portion of snaps proceeds benefit the Susan Carver Foundation, a non-profit organization benefiting cancer research that is named for Laura Stachler’s late sister. Their motto: “A Snap Today, A Cure Tomorrow!”

Paula Deen’s Christmas (Special Collector’s Issue)

Susansnaps cookies were featured in the 2007 Special Collector’s Issue of Paula Deen’s Christmas magazine. The following writeup can be found on the inside:
Laura’s Divine Desserts
Susansnaps specializes in homemade gingersnap cookies under the label “Laura’s Divine Desserts.” They come in a festive red box tied with a cheerful ribbon, so you don’t have to wrap this gift-just order; $14.95 and up, [404-497-9210] or

The Martha Stewart Show

NEW YORK, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Martha Stewart and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s flagship publication Martha Stewart Living (MSL) will honor 11 extraordinary women at the first annual “Dreamers into Doers” Awards program this evening in New York City. More than 1,000 dreamers entered the competition celebrating women who have turned their passions into businesses and philanthropic programs, hobbies into careers, and aspirations into realities, just as Martha did 25 years ago with her first book, Entertaining. Martha Stewart Living will also present the first Living Legend Award to best-selling, award-winning, singer-songwriter Carole King.

Cindy Kerr from Philadelphia, PA, will be awarded the grand prize as a result of her efforts with ConKerr Cancer, a group she started to provide hand-quilted pillowcases to children with life threatening illnesses like her son Ryan, who is battling cancer. While the Kerrs continue to fight for Ryan’s life, hundreds of ConKerr Cancer volunteers have provided more than 14,500 pillowcases to children at pediatric hospitals throughout Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. Cindy will receive the $10,000 grand prize from MSL to further pursue her dream and continue her philanthropic efforts. Additionally, Bank of America will match MSL’s commitment of $10,000, Talbot’s will provide a $1,000 wardrobe with a limited edition bag to help her keep any paperwork organized and within hand’s reach and HUSQVARNA VIKING(R) will award a DESIGNER(R) SE Limited Edition sewing machine to help with the production of pillowcases.

“Cindy’s story is as inspiring as it is touching,” said Martha Stewart, Founder of MSLO. “I am so proud of her and of all the women who entered the contest and I am thrilled to recognize our first-ever Dreamers into Doers Awards program. I hope their experiences will lead others to pursue their passions and find success doing something that is meaningful to them.”

Cindy Kerr and the 10 honorees were flown to New York City where they appeared today on the Emmy-award winning The Martha Stewart Show and will attend the awards ceremony at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center this evening. The 10 honorees represent a wide range of talents and efforts, from sending cookies to the troops overseas, to creating community gardens and establishing an arts center for at-risk teens and special needs children. Each will receive a $1,000 award from MSL, a matching contribution of $1,000 from Bank of America and a $250 Talbots shopping spree. A complete overview of all 11 winners and their stories are included below. Additionally, the Dreamers into Doers winners are featured in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Carole King will also be recognized as a Living Legend at the awards ceremony. A celebrated songwriter, performer and environmental advocate, Carole challenged herself and created Tapestry, one of the most memorable and successful albums of all time. Her music has inspired countless women to follow their dreams. Carole will release a new DVD today on her own label, Rockingale Records titled “Welcome to my Living Room” and performed during The Martha Stewart Show. This evening she will perform at the award ceremony.

“Bank of America is proud to sponsor Martha Stewart Living’s “Dreamers into Doers” program which will help transform the dreams of 11 remarkable women into tangible business realities,” said Beverly Ladley, small business strategy and deposits executive for Bank of America. “Bank of America is committed to supporting the successes of small business owners across the country and, with our matching funds, we hope to advance the goals of such notable entrepreneurs.”

“We love this program because it promotes hope and celebrates the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit within women,” says Betsy Thompson, Talbots director of corporate communications and public relations. “We applaud the honorees and everyone at Martha Stewart Living for reminding us that dreams can come true.”

Dreamers into Doers — Honorees:

Grand Prize Winner
Cindy Kerr, nominated by her husband Gavin Kerr
Philadelphia, PA
A talented quilter and a loving mom, Cindy Kerr started making colorful pillowcases to brighten her son Ryan’s hospital room during his cancer treatments. With the positive response from her son, the hospital staff, and other families with sick children, Cindy knew she was on to something much bigger. One mom’s dream to make her child happy gave rise to ConKerr Cancer. Cindy started ConKerr Cancer to provide cheerful pillowcases for other children with life-changing illnesses. While the Kerr’s continue to fight Ryan’s cancer, hundreds of ConKerr

Cancer volunteers have provided more than 14,500 handcrafted pillowcases to children at pediatric hospitals throughout Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. Find out more about Cindy’s mission at


Kim Waite, Christchurch, VA
Kim’s Custom Cards

When money was tight, Kim started making personalized cards for her children. Kim’s Custom Cards has grown from a hobby into a successful stationery business with her products in 80 stores across the country.   Victoria Wesseler, Lebanon, IN
Going Local blog

Working as a corporate consultant, Victoria had her head in the boardroom while her heart was in the garden and kitchen. She managed to complete personal chef and advanced master gardener courses before launching Going Local, which celebrates the abundance of Indiana’s local foods.   Lara Guerra, Windsor, CA
J&M Chocolates

Lara taught herself chocolate making while home after the birth of her second daughter. With an eye on evolving her hobby, she pitched wine-themed chocolates to the local Sonoma wineries and also gave birth to a business creating hand-crafted chocolate bars.

Laura Stachler, Atlanta, GA

Watching her husband and daughter undergo chemotherapy, Laura wanted to help. Through her passion for baking, she developed the ultimate gingersnap, a cookie that aids in soothing upset stomachs. Laura named the cookies Susansnaps for her sister who lost her battle with cancer and her daughter who beat the disease. She donates a portion of every sale to cancer research.   Mary Beth Schad, McKinney, TX
Ellie & Ollie

When a friend mumbled “I’d buy these from you” through a mouthful of some cookies she had made, Mary got busy turning her passion into profits. Now Ellie & Ollie offers five varieties of beautifully-packaged cookies for gifting. Mary hopes some day to license the brand so others can work while staying at home with their children.   Valorie Barrett, Broken Arrow, OK
Covenant Cleaning Services

Valorie’s dream of creating financial independence for herself, her daughters, and women who need a helping hand was realized when she started her business three years ago. Valorie hires women in need who can’t provide for their children, and offer them free childcare and transportation to improve their quality of life.

Shannon Cumberland, Denver, CO
Rosy Rings

Shannon began making beeswax candles at her kitchen table with botanicals and spices. Local stores first sold the candles, and now Shannon sells 300,000+ hand-poured candles annually nationwide. Rosy Rings has grown from a party of one to a company of 15.   Susan Hager, Frederic, WI
Cookie Brigade

Inspired by a friend who had a brother in the army, Susan melded her love of baking and dogs to launch the Cookie Brigade to help support the troops. In just over a year, more than 1,400 dozen cookies and 400 dozen dog biscuits have been shipped to military personnel.   Lorraine Donlon, Syosset, NY

RESIDENTS for a More Beautiful Syosset
Determined to transform a trash-filled utility strip along a busy local road into a community flower garden, Lorraine started RESIDENTS for a More Beautiful Syosset, a non-profit organization of local families. The group continues to plant and maintain three community gardens.

Linda Z. Smith, Midland, MI
Creative Spirit Center

As one of five from a single-parent, welfare family and the first to graduate from college, Linda was no stranger to challenges. She co-founded the non-profit Creative Sprit Center to serve as an arts haven for at-risk teens and special needs children in foster care, among others.
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